Launching crystal

Yesterday I traveled to Greenwich, CT, to launch the Latitude Collection that I designed for Baccarat at their beautiful location on Greenwich Avenue. I am currently the only US designer for this French crystal producer and so honored to have been selected to create beautiful pieces for them.

My favorite design in this magnificent collection is this candleholder, called Vice & Versa. The genius of Vice & Versa is that three unique parts form an exceptionally versatile whole. Each six-inch-tall unit can be used on its own as a single candlestick, or stacked in various combinations. Each unit is flexible since both its top and bottom can hold a wide or tapered candle and I think the pieces, which can be purchased singly or in groups, makes the perfect gift – particularly to yourself!

This design is so typical of my principle on acquisition: one object is chance, two are tchotchkes, and three constitute a collection.

While each unit is beautiful individually, it is when they are stacked that I think they truly become most grand. The tall, heavy piece reminds me so much of the columns that were the original inspiration on a journey to Palmyra, Syria—a port of call as far back as two millennia B.C. for caravans traveling between Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean — I saw fragments of immense stone columns that were stacked out of order. Shapes with little to do with each other were juxtaposed in unexpected sequences and looked…breathtakingly beautiful.

1935 – 1985

I just received a copy of the new book by Judith Gura titled ‘New York Interior Design – 1935 -1985: Masters of Modernism‘. It’s quite wonderful to see timeless work done by a lot of great designers – many of whom are not working anymore and I was honored to be included with them. Other designers featured include Melvin Dwork, Ward Bennet, Noel Jeffrey, Barbara D’Arcy, Angelo Donghia, Clodagh and many more. I highly recommend this beautiful publication.

atHome in Fairfield County

I just received the Nov/Dec 08 issue of ‘atHome in Fairfield County‘, a beautiful magazine that focuses on design for this beautiful area of Connecticut. I am honored to be mentioned on the cover and they interviewed me for their ‘at Home With…’ feature on the back page.

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