Saturday fun

This past Saturday I went to see three things:

  • The new 007 (Quantum of Solace), which was a lot of fun and full of action. The James Bond movies to me are like old friends – I like getting together every once in a while for a ‘catch-up’. In the last scenes they show a great hotel somewhere in Columbia with a lounge filled with Platner chairs, which they promptly blew up to smithereens. Shame on you, James.
  • On the same day I saw A Man for All Seasons with Frank Langella, which kept a great day – the show was stupendous. Every part was beautifully acted and it’s so relevant to our present time where you always have to consider the price one have to pay for integrity and for standing for what one believes. You must see it.

Twenty Years of Vicente Wolf Associates…

Twenty years of Vicente Wolf Associates. My how time flies when you’re having fun…or is it old age and no memory? Last week Thursday I threw a party for a 150 friends, clients, suppliers, staff and partners at my apartment in Manhattan. Even in these hard economic times I wanted to thank all the people that have made my success over the years possible and it was wonderful having clients like the Novicks that started with me twenty years ago to my latest clients, president of Showtime Matt Blank and his delightful wife, Susan, there. Also at the party were employees who have worked with me over the years, some of my friends in the media, suppliers and business partners and long-time clients like Clive Davis and Michael Lynne as well as some of my dearest friends like Preston Bailey and Margaret Russell.

I’m not a huge fan of a big party – always preferring small intimate groups – but I was very much into what was happening last Thursday. We worked with a great caterer called, Creative Edge Parties, and for two days prior I went to the flower market to stock up on fresh flowers and orchids, we laid out close to 60 candles all over the apartment, brushed out my cat, Nene – who by the way is much more Mr Social than me – and by 6pm the place was smelling, looking and tasting quite stupendously. Even the guppies in my containers had been scrubbed clean! The only negative for the whole evening was the cold rainy weather, but that didn’t seem to deter anybody.

Mr Social himself – my cat Nene

And what better surprise than a bunch of New York’s Little Elves showing up the next morning to make the place look spanking clean and like nothing had ever happened. If it had not been for Susan who is my Director of Public Relations and turned out to be a great event coordinator, this never would have been possible.

Part of the reason I don’t like to host parties is because to me it’s always a blur of ‘hello, how are you’ and then having to move onto the next guest. But everyone said it was a wonderful evening and I was eating leftover hors d’oeuvres all through the weekend. Thank God I don’t have to do this again for another twenty years!

Chris Lipari, Christina Reyna and Preston Bailey

With Susan Blank, Matt Blank and Neil Brown

With my dear friend Margaret Russell

Ninah Lynne and Amsale

The ever-stylish Clive Davis with my friend Cathy Whitworth

Preston Bailey, Ron Carlivati, Susan Moolman and Chris Lipari

Maureen Martin and David Rogal

Vicente Wolf Associates over the past 20 years

Wire Inspiration

I’m always looking for that place that will provide me with the inspiration to inject into my next project and I was pleased to go to the Whitney over the weekend where they have a show on the wire sculptor, Alexander Calder. Some of the mobiles on display can be cranked and are highly mechanical and it put my mind to thinking of working with an element like a wire, which is so flexible, yet strong. I was struck by the fluidity and the sense of action that these pieces had and I haven’t found where to use it yet, but you will be seeing it soon! Go see the show – it’s well worth it.

P.S. On Monday night I went to see a fabulous reading of the ‘All about Eve’ script by all different actors including Annette Bening, Jessica Cummings, Peter Gallagher and Cynthia Nixon. I have always loved the work of Joseph L. Mankiewicz and to hear his lines read by such talent was so delightful – especially Angela Lansbury’s take on Birdie really spoke to me.

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