Ask Vicente: Architectural Details

Learning to See

Name: Kim Foran
State: Queensland
Country: Australia

I have searched everywhere for Parisienne architectural molds similar to those on the cover of your book Learning to See. I don’t seem to be able to find them. Can you help please?? I love the look and texture on the wall. It’s fabulous…

Vicente Responds:

Kim, the ones on the cover of Learning To See are 19th Century and they were used for artists to practise drawings at the Mozart School of Design in Paris. I bought the whole set at one time and I’ve never seen them again, but if you find some companies who do plaster work in Sydney or Melbourne, ask them if they have pieces of mouldings or architectural details – you could potentially get a similar type of product.

A Behanding in Spokane

Last night I went to see A Behanding in Spokane with Christpher Walken. It is what one would truly call a ‘Black Comedy’ and it was really wonderful – so funny and so politically incorrect. If the N-word was used once, it was used 20 times, if the F-word was used once it was used 200-times and Mother Effers were flying left and right! The cringe-factor helped to make it really funny. Christopher Walken was great, adding his mad-hatter quality to an already great play.

Don’t miss it!

My Name Is Vicente And I’m A New-Job-Junkie

The roughest time in running my own business is always when all the design has been done for the jobs I’m working on and you don’t have a new project to jump into. In the last couple of weeks we presented all the jobs that we’ve been working on and we’ve installed the jobs that were completed – which is always fun. At the moment there are a few jobs lolling about in the estimating and preparing-construction-documents phase.

What this means for me is that I don’t have a new love affair to get involved in – and while I’m not being 100% literal here, to me every new job is a love affair! Not having one makes me feel very useless, a little fidgety. When you have staff, they have their to-do lists to get through and I’m just the point guy who gives them their assignments. But they’re working and I have no cake to bake at the moment.

When talking to my shrink about it she described it as that moment where you, instead of always looking for the next big thing, should be able to focus on the present. I have a project that I’m very excited about – it’s progressing and it looks wonderful and things are happening, but it’s that fix of having a new job to work on that’s missing. I think I’m a new-job-junkie. (Not that I want one every day, because that would be overdosing.) But it’s that insecurity of not being wanted or needed anywhere. I wish we could just learn to be happy with what we have and not always be on the lookout for the next high. Life would be so much simpler…

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