Pillow Talk


It’s not often I am interviewed in bed with another person….hope this doesn’t turn into decogate! (aka weinergate)


SFERRA is expanding its popular “In Bed With” series and will feature 5 new videos that explore the intimate relationship between interior desing and bedding. SFERRA has invited 5 of its favorite interior designers to get cozy in a SFERRA bed with host and Brand Ambassador, Ronda Carman of All The Best Blog www.allthebestblog.com

Digital Days

More and more magazines are only shooting digital these days, if not all magazines. As most of you know I shoot film, which took me about 7 years to master (due to my slow absorption process). Next week I am shooting a job for a magazine digitally.  It should be an interesting experience and will definitely push my boundaries. I will let you know how it goes….painful or not!

CNN en Espanol

I had the opportunity to appear on CNN-E the other morning, for those of you who understand/speak  Spanish let me know what you think. I am hoping to be a regular on the show and your comments might help make it happen!



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