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I used to really enjoy getting all of your questions and the dialogue they created. As of late we noticed I haven’t gotten as many, is it something I said???

Please send me questions here and hopefully we can start this conversation again.
( I love when you send images to illustrate your questions or comments)


  • recently reading your blog behind the scenes…is there more after week 11…lots of good inspirational info!

    July 05, 2011
  • Everything you said was right on and I keep re-reading all your answers when I need mentoring for a project. Have you ever done a booth 10′ x 10′ for a design show? Silk bed linens, silk robes and some furniture in a tiny space, possibly with the most impact!. I thought I would start with the backdrop idea, a big drawing (or B&W photography) of an interior. What will be your departure point? Walls, colors, case goods? Anything will help (I will also decorate the new store for the same brand so I like to have a cohesive design) Thanks for your help and ciao from Vancouver!

    July 05, 2011
  • Ellen McGrath

    I hope you got my recent email showing the results of your last advice, but also asking for advice on my new office because I’m desperate for your opinion – it is absolutely always the best. Do let me know if you didn’t receive it.

    July 05, 2011
  • I love it….your desk looks just like mine!

    July 06, 2011
  • P.S.
    Even down to the book, which I was just showing to a client!

    July 06, 2011
  • Gary Nelling

    Vicente – I regard you as a real master in the use of color and have a question about color theory that I would like to ask, which I will send separately. Thank you. – Gary

    July 06, 2011
  • Lisa

    I have a question. I have a small 1600 square foot house. My first floor has four small rooms-all leading into each other (no halls). My style is old-new. Ceilings, trim and walls are all dove white. Would you do that? Or, would you introduce a color change. I am mad for gray tint. It is the back of my book cases. So. Is all white chic or boring and safe?

    July 07, 2011
  • Amy Y.

    Dear Vicente,
    Thank you for always sharing your expertise. I have re-read your books many times and always love the tone and thoughtfulness of your writing and photographs. I would appreciate any recommendations regarding arranging furniture in an apartment that has floor to ceiling windows throughout. Our living room has 2 walls that are completely windows (11 feet) and one wall has the television so we end up “blocking” one wall of windows with the sofa. I’ve considered a flat day bed as an alternative to preserve the eyeline to the view but haven’t been really inspired. I do have two young children so comfort and durability is quite important. If it helps, i could email a photo of our room.
    Thank you for your time.
    Warm regards,
    Amy Y.

    July 08, 2011
  • daniela

    Hello Vicente,
    I would be absolutely thrilled if you shared with us ideas on covering heating units. Imagine a beautiful huge loft with super high ceilings and gorgeous windows. Underneath each of these windows, a hideous heater! It’s like 4, 5 heaters in one room…. what would you do? Thank you in advance.
    Love you and your work,

    July 12, 2011
  • jeanine

    Vincente, I have a more general question for you: would you advise anyone with a passion for design to get into this business right now? I’m a self-taught design afficionado coming into this mid-life, with no formal training, but someone who has spent the majority of her life living in Europe, Africa and now southeast Asia. I have an eye for proportion, and know my Bamileke from my Biedermeier. Any advice for me or anyone else who wants to do design but recognizes that economic realities make it very tough business right now… get some credentials and wait a couple years? focus on niche areas? love your works and your books — you share so much in them. best, jeanine

    July 17, 2011

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