Ask Vicente: Shopping in New Mexico

Name: Melissa Lee
City: Lamy
State: New Mexico
Country: USA

Dear Vincente,
I am renting here and for the first time live in a mondern home. I find that there is not much to find here as far as furniture is concerned. I have always decorated my own homes and have an ability to do so, but find not much in this city? What would you recommend?

P.S there are wonderful rug merchants and reclaimed items for builders.


Vicente Responds:

Melissa – why don’t you go shopping in LA and send it over? A lot of people do it and that will ensure you have the pieces you really want. If you don’t have a designer ID, the merchandise mart many times have designers who can go shopping with you that will allow you to go shopping for a small commission.

Are there any readers in New Mexico that have any great ‘hidden spots’ they’d like to share?


  • Dear Vicente,

    Thank you for your reply..
    Yes, I go to LA twice a year to do my private trunk shows and could easily do that… I did buy my sofa from Cisco brothers whom are located in LA…
    I would welcome any readers from this area also that have any “hidden spots” to share…

    Thank you again for your time….

    Melissa Lee

    January 24, 2010
  • Gary Nelling

    Melissa – I see you are in the Santa Fe NM area. It’s a beautiful city. I’ve been there a few times shopping for Navajo rugs and Indian baskets. I didn’t see furniture showrooms in the center of town, but you could probably get tips about ones in the wider area from the owners of Morningstar Gallery, Dewey-Price Gallery on the plaza (I think just renamed Dewey) or Steve Elmore Indian Art all located there. There are some contemporary furniture showrooms and antique shops on the two lane highway to Taos and some on Pacheo Street though I haven’t been to them. There are lots of contemporary interior designers in town who could probably point you in the right direction or help you themselves. Or google “Santa Fe designer furniture” and it will give you a starter list.

    I agree with Vicente’s point that if you want to see the broadest range of quality furniture, it’s good to go to your nearest big city with a mart, design center or design district. Even St. Louis with a metro area of 2.5 million people only has a handful of quality contemporary and antique furniture showrooms. I go to Atlanta and Chicago as much as look here. But Santa Fe is very design oriented and I’ll bet you’ll find some things locally. Good luck! – Gary

    January 25, 2010
  • Melissa, I can sympathize with your situation as I am about to move from a wonderful “real” city to a very small one (much much smaller than Santa Fe). In my research I did find there were a few antique stores in my new town so that is something I would look into in Santa Fe. Also, keep tabs on 1stdibs, ebay and craigslist. And I also agree with Vicente that you should go to LA. I live in San Francisco right now and even though we have a great design center it’s nothing compared to LA (or NY of course). You really need a good week there to see what’s being offered (and to get through the traffic!). Best of luck to you.

    January 25, 2010
  • Hi Melissa .. .

    Having been a designer in Santa Fe for the past 20 years, I can attest to the fact that there are a few good resources for traditional ‘SFe Style’ art & antiques … .. . but, not much for those of us who choose a more contemporary look , with a bit of an edge and a mix of old / new. I’d be happy to share some thoughts with you on my local resources, just email me – and we’ll chat.

    Welcome to this very beautiful part of the world!


    January 25, 2010

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