Ask Vicente: What’s Your Take on Concrete?

Name: Karen
City: Chicago
State: IL


My husband and I are both big fans of your work. We own a small concrete company.  We do countertops, furniture, tiles, sinks, and planters etc.  I was wondering what your take on concrete is? Do you think that it is a passing fad or do you think it has a future in the design world as a material you or other designers would like to use?  We love the clients and designers who we have worked with in the past, because they are usually undertaking interesting projects, but what do you think about the big picture?  Thanks in advance for your time and advice.

Vicente Responds:

Since the Roman times, concrete has been used so I don’t think it’s going out any time soon.  I use it everywhere from coffee tabletops, kitchen and bathroom counters, and even bathtubs.  I think concrete is a material that really works and the added advantage is that you can stain it in many different colors, making it very functional.  As for the future, I think the more that it is integrated in fewer-strictly modern spaces, the more popular and generally accepted it will become as a great design tool.


  • Gary Nelling

    I just noticed on second glance that the shower is on. It’s a nice touch that puts the picture in motion. Superb bathroom, by the way. – Gary

    March 16, 2012
  • Hi Vicente,
    Wow! Thanks for responding, we are a little starstruck by you so we were very excited to see your reply. Glad to hear your thoughts about it are positive for the future and we do love it’s flexibility too. Since we use glass fiber reinforced concrete we can pour it very thin which is great for wall panels, and we even just made a heated boomerang shaped countertop for a hat shop, and we are working on making heated fireplace surrounds and hearths to help reduce energy consumption. Now that I’ve just shamelessly plugged us, just want to thank you again for taking the time to respond, we very much appreciate hearing your take on it.

    Karen & Tommy Bucina
    Chicago Concrete Studio

    March 20, 2012

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