New Products at VW Home Showroom

A new cargo shipment has arrived to the showroom and we are beyond excited about the tons of new merchandise. From wood craved skull heads from Thailand to hemp pillows sourced in Africa, this year’s assortment is filled with treasure from the unknown.   To experience my recent treasure hunt and handcrafted furniture I personally had custom made for the showroom, stop by and ring the bell. Our doors are OPEN!


IMG_6448Hemp pillow with graphics handmade in Africa


IMG_6451Wood craved fisher man boat from Bali

VW Home

333 West 39th St., 10th Floor

New York, NY 10018


New PPG Voice of Color Collection Coming Soon!

It’s Wednesday afternoon and I couldn’t be happier. At this very moment, I am editing my new PPG Voice of Color Collection featuring a blast of color to awaken your home and soul. Be on the lookout for this must-have color collection, coming soon.  ~Vicente



Architectural Digest highlights Vicente Wolf new paint collection!

This month Architectural Digest featured my new paint collection with PPG Pittsburgh Paints entitled “Color Diaries.”  Since spring is finally here, let’s start with new beginnings by adding a pop of color!

What I love about this collection is that it allows you to explore colors inspired by different regions. A culture’s use and combination of color helps me visually when designing a home. A great way to keep the spirit of my journeys alive is transferring the colors I see in my travels into my designs.  I believe this collection will brighten one’s senses. Creating soulful connections from the purity of the colors to the region where it illuminates.


Try out my new collection and post your photos on PPG Pinterest page.



Let’s start spring with color!

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