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As always, I am looking forward to meeting everyone at the “Learning to See” Design Seminar on July 22nd – 23rd at The Glasshouse in NYC. We are receiving tons of questions so, this weekend I will be reading each question and making sure I address them all at the seminar.  Below is a question from a designer looking to get “unstuck.” Believe me, we all know about this problem and I will tell you how to handle it.

Designer Question:

One issue I am running into lately, that I would love to have addressed during a round table discussion, is what to do when your client is unhappy with a piece of furniture, installed carpet, etc. It is non returnable and non refundable. Your goal is to keep your client happy and satisfied, yet at the same time you cannot get stuck replacing a 10K carpet because the client does not like the way it looks, even though they approved it and it is perfectly great carpet. Help. I am running into situations like this quite a bit recently.





Michael Bruno, Creator of 1stdibs and Housepad App

Frederico Farina, Creative Director at Pointed Leaf Press​

Katharina Plath, Principal of Head and Hand Public Relations

Linda O’Keeffe, Creative Director & Author

Paloma Contreras, Principal + Founder of La Dolce Vita Blog​

Richard Hollander, Managing Director at Performance Imaging

Rick Kantor of Cohn Reznick


 The GlassHouse, 545 West 25th St, NYC

Wednesday, July 22nd – Thursday, July 23rd, 2015



Vicente Wolf Design Lineup, Katharina Plath

Branding in the World of Design

So you started your company, you have clients and now it’s time to get your work out there! When it’s time to publish your design projects, a great public affairs agent is key with getting exposure. Many designers choose to skip this important step but hiring the right person who can help you navigate within the publishing world, make strategic choices about where your work should appear, and connect you with the right people is worth gold and Katharina Plath is that person!  Katharina Plath, who founded Head & Hand PR in 2007 counts designers like Amy Lau and Robert Couturier, as well as manufacturers like Dedar and Odegard, among her many clients.

Katharine Plath holds an MBA in Economics and Interior Design, graduating with a Master Degree from the Royal Academy of Arts in London. Katharina speaks 5 languages – born in Hamburg, Germany she has lived in France, Great Britain, Italy and Spain, where she escorted small to medium sized art or interior design companies to international exposure. Since 2007 she spearheads her own public relations firm, with offices in Westchester and New York City and friendly connections to European PR companies.

At the seminar she will discuss when to hire a publicist, what to expect once you do and exactly what kinds of services are offered. Katharina is a reliable source in the design industry and a major part of my success. REGISTER TODAY AT https://www.eventbrite.com/e/welcome-to-vicente-wolf-design-seminar-summer-2015-tickets-17177166367



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