Press Road Trip with Lincoln MKC

I have several panel events and book signings in the Hamptons this weekend so, a road trip is a given! Joining forces with HC&G, GLWD, a ton of private parties and a visit to the Parrish Art Museum are just some of the highlights.  This year, I had the pleasure to meet Lincoln’s designer, Soo Kang.  Not only was she inspirational but she also embraced the art of design in her everyday living.  I was so inspired by her design aesthetics, I had to test drive her creation for Lincoln Motor Company, the Lincoln MKC 2016.

The Lincoln Motor Company’s first-ever small utility vehicle that delivers a combination of craftsmanship and performance that make it a compelling offering in the fast-growing luxury small utility segment. Life is a journey, celebrate everyday in style!









Midsummer Drinks with GLWD

Join us for Midsummer Drinks with @GLWD #‎decor‬ ‪#‎celebrityinteriordesigner‬ ‪#‎allforagoodcause‬ ‪#‎charity‬


Vicente Wolf Design Seminar Line…PPG Pittsburgh Paints

PPG Color Specialist, Dee Schlotter will be one of our key speakers for the “Learning to See” Design Seminar next month. She will discuss color trends in all fields including creating partnerships. So, get ready to take notes and learn how color can change your business.


PPG 2016 Global Color Trends: Automotive, Architectural, Aerospace & Consumer Electronics
Each January, PPG’s global color stylists meet to discuss the color trends for the upcoming year. More than 25 color representatives from 8 different countries and from PPG’s business units: automotive, architectural, consumer electronics, aerospace and industrial discuss what colors are forecasted for each region and product. Despite our different markets and geographies, many of the sentiments and forecasts are quite similar. We see consumer electronics influencing the car and plane industries, and the interior styling of cars influencing the hotel architectural market. It is an advantage to have this insider’s look at all these important consumer drivers and to provide these trends to PPG’s customers. We influence trends as much as trends influence us. There is a reason why we like certain colors at certain times in our lives and with what’s happening in society. Applying these societal and demographic filters provide a color palette that will connect with customers in a meaningful way and sell product.


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