NY Post “Swing State”

“Manhattan House, which comes with its own private sculpture garden, was also once home to Grace Kelly, former Governor Hugh Carey and baseball star Jackie Robinson. The penthouse was recently made over by top designer Vicente Wolf.” NY Post, Jennifer Gould




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The Trail of an American President

Not because he’s a friend and a client but Dick Tarlow wrote an amazing off-Broadway play that I think everyone should see, The Trail of an American President. President George Bush Jr. is charged with three overarching crimes resulting from the war in Iraq—and every night a jury of audience members votes on whether he is guilty or not. In this play, Bush is charged with three overarching crimes resulting from his war against Iraq.  Superb casting and that capture the real sense of the history we are still living through. Limited engagement.


The Trial of an American President is at the Theatre Row-Lion Theater until October 15.

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