Interiors Magazine & Vicente Wolf “Jewel Box”

December 2012 Interior Design Magazine feature with Vicente Wolf 

“Jewel Box”

Designer: Vicente Wolf

Text and Photography by Vicente Wolf

My Interview in Musée Magazine

I was recently interviewed by Musée Magazine, a new online photography magazine started by photographer Andrea Blanch.  She has a wonderful eye for picking young and emerging photographers to feature in the magazine.  I admire how she has put so much energy into helping people who are starting out in the industry.  In the interview, I talk about collecting photography, and you can read the Q & A here.

This issue — Musée Magazine No. 2 — deals with fear, and there are some scary things in it.

Digital Days

More and more magazines are only shooting digital these days, if not all magazines. As most of you know I shoot film, which took me about 7 years to master (due to my slow absorption process). Next week I am shooting a job for a magazine digitally.  It should be an interesting experience and will definitely push my boundaries. I will let you know how it goes….painful or not!

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