Frida Kahlo at The Dali

Last Saturday was the opening of the Frida Kahlo show at The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Frida Kahlo exhibit features 450 personal photos from my private collection that I purchased years ago.  What’s so amazing about this collection is the fact that Frida expressed her emotions on the photos by writing, drawing and placing red lipstick on various images. These simple gestures gives you a glimpse into Frida’s love for family and husband, Diego Rivera.  Besides the Frida Kahlo exhibition, they have a very large and impressive collection of Salvatore Dali paintings.


Executive Director, Dr. Hank Hines of The Dali Museum



The exhibition  extends outdoors, where a special collection of flowers and plants representative of those in Kahlo’s own garden at Casa Azul, her home in Mexico, graces the grounds of our Avant-garden.



If you’re in the St. Petersburg area, be sure to check it out!

Frida Kahlo at The Dali




Remodeling Our NYC Conference Space

Just as the mother is usually the last to attend to her own needs, this statement rings true for most designers. Designers are the last to decorate anything serving their personal needs or wants.

I finally bit the bullet and decided to renovate my conference room where all client meetings are held.  When deciding how I was going to transition the room, I wanted the space to evoke my personal style while also keeping the space balanced.  The entrance to the conference room was painted in Blue Dolphin #PPG1041-4 and the space itself was painted in Vicente Wolf White #PPG1001-01. By using these warm colors, the space became a more serene atmosphere that complimented my art collection and treasures from VW Home Showroom.  I edited down my collection of photography from 100 to 40 pieces, which was a challenge to say the less.  I still have more to do but until then, I will enjoy the space half full.


I look forward to using this space for all things Vicente Wolf Designs.



Photography from my private collection


Collection of Buddha statues from my travels


Crafted artwork directly from my showroom, VW Home

Thank you PPG Pittsburgh Paints for making this happen!



Macau Creations

Just returned from the city of Macau where I installed two restaurants (Mizumi & 99 Noodles) that will be located inside the Wynn Hotel  Besides going to one of my favorite cities, Hong Kong, this four year project has involved rigorous communication when completing a job that’s 8,058 miles away from my New York City office.


My team and Chef @ Wynn

Mr. Wynn and his Creative Director, Roger Thomas has been the perfect client and combination when creating an amazing space with the free range opportunity to be 100% creative. It’s a wonderful experience and feeling when your team fits like a glove.


Creative Director, Roger Thomas 

Designing restaurants has always been my passion. It gives me the opportunity to create a theatrical environment that’s conducive to great memories with family and friends.   Be sure to check out the Wynn Hotel when visiting Macau!


My favorite Sake, Toyo Bijin Junmai Daiginjo Ichiban Matoi


The color palette of this sushi gives me inspiration for a new paint color.


Presentation is everything!



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