Summer Movie Nights

After a boring summer of movies, I finally saw two worth mentioning. The film Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen, is a wonderful reinterpretation of A Street Car Named Desire. Even though you will dislike the lead character, Cate Blanchett, you still feel a sense of sadness for her and how much she strayed away from reality.


Another great movie was The Butler with Oprah Winfrey and Forest Whitaker. This film provides insight into the life of a secretly influential servant in the White House during the civil rights movement. The movie depicted the many challenges that people faced during this crucial time of transformation. This movie is not only a history lesson but reminds you what America stands for, equality.

Oprah Winfrey and Forest Whitaker


A Night On Broadway

The summer theater season is fast approaching, and I am trying my best to catch up on Broadway’s recent releases before summer officially begins.  One of my top picks is Matilda, winner of seven Olivier Awards including best musical, in which an unloved child is sent to a horrific school run by a Nazi like headmistress played by  Bertie Carvel.


The production, based on the novel by Roald Dahl, features an alluring cast of kids between the ages of 9 and 14 who are as talented as they come and very convincing in their roles. They sing, dance and inspire us all to take a stand and change our destiny.  It was well performed and kept my attention throughout, making it a great must see for kids and out of towners looking for a comical yet compassionate story. My serving of theater was fulfilled although Kinky Boots is still my favorite.


Last night, I decided to see “Big Knife” by Clifford Odeft. This epic feeling show takes place in 1948 which was considered the golden age of the Hollywood cinema. It’s about a Hollywood studio that not only produced big hits, but also ran the lives of their box office leading stars by keeping heavy hands on their property and enforcing the perception that the studio holds all the power.  This musical is sure to be a winner since it has all the elements conductive to succeed.

Set designed by John Lee Beatty, who also did the set for “Other Desert Cities”, and the equally talented leading actor Bobby Cannavale is a must-see!  Can you say Lights! Camera! Award!

Leap of Faith

Last night I went to see Leap of Faith.  It’s a new musical that’s about to open on Broadway, and I haven’t seen so much energy on stage for a long time.  The lead is played by Raul Esparza.  He’s been nominated for the Tony Award a number of times and is a performer who does an amazing job on stage.  It’s a story about a con man who uses preaching as his con.  It has great gospel music with a wonderful choir behind him.  Kecia Lewis-Evans is the lead singer, and her voice brings down the rafters.  So if you’re in New York, and you want a great time, you must see Leap of Faith.  If you want to see it in preview, the prices are very reasonable.  You call 212-947-8844 and use code LFGEN36 or visit: and use code LFGEN36.


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