All the Best – what a party!


Preston, Ronda and I at the launch party this morning

After much preening and cleaning and hanging of pictures yesterday, we welcomed the fabulous Ronda Carman from All the Best Blog to the VW Home showroom this morning to launch our new partnership. During my most recent trip to Africa in January 2009 I spent some time in Sossusvlei in the desert of Namibia where I captured the most incredible photographs. We decided to offer a limited edition of these for sale to the readers of Ronda’s blog – and to you, of course!

The party this morning included some really wonderful people from New York’s design blogging scene including Michael Devine, Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo, the ever-stylish James Andrew, Tobi Fairley, Patricia van Essche and my good friend Preston Bailey – to name a few.

Someone fell in love with my wing chair! James Andrew and Ronda Carman

Someone fell in love with my wing chair! James Andrew and Ronda Carman

Here are some photos we took at the event – wish you could all have been here! The Namibia pictures are currently up in the showroom – please stop by if you’re in Manhattan. If you want to learn more about how to buy one, read the press release below, or visit

Amy, Ronda and friends

Tyler Dawson, Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo, Ronda Carman and Chloe Warner

The really horrible, sad thing is that were expecting an enormous shipment to come in on Monday, so all the dusting and fluffing to have a beautiful showroom will be undone when tons of accessories and furniture from Indonesia, Thailand and India arrive – so the showroom will have to be taken apart to fit it all, but I am excited about the new pieces to add to the showroom-family.

It was so nice that Preston came – being such a busy, glamorous, party-giving, Mr Wonderful, super-star I really appreciated that he came to spend the morning with us. He did some shopping at VW Home while he was here and then he was off to try on his outfit for his birthday bash, which he will probably have to be stitched into just like Marilyn Monroe for JFK’s birthday party. But I bet you he won’t be a breathy when he sings it! (Unless the clothing is so tight that he won’t be able to breathe…)

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