Orchids and photography

The Botanical Gardens is one of New York’s prized possessions and Tuesday night’s Orchid Dinner was really magical. What made it extra special was the fact that it was held at the Rainbow Room, which holds so many memories for me like attending the premier of Twyla Tharp’s Sinatra pieces more than 25 years ago. The dinner was a really wonderful and glamorous event and my neighbors at the dinner table were editor-in-chief of Veranda, Lisa Newsom, with whom I had great discussions about design and everything else, and Jane Pauley, who is always interesting to speak with. I grow orchids myself that bloom – which in New York is quite a rarity  – mainly due to my housekeeper who sprays them with water  all the time.

What a great evening!

My table top design for the orchid dinner.

Yesterday I had an all-day shoot with Veranda Magazine, photographing one of my jobs with the Editor-at-Large, Carolyn Englefield. It’s so nice to step out of my designer mode into the photography one, putting that side of my brain to work. It’s wonderful to look through the camera and see how the light hit the arm of the chair at that moment and be able to capture it. For somebody with dyslexia to fully understand the mechanics of taking a photograph, which, trust me, took a long time to sink in, is a great experience.

I’m waiting for the film to come in and I always keep my fingers crossed that it’ll come out the way I saw it on the shoot.


  • Meade Design Group

    I have always liked orchids – It sounds like it was a great event. I can’t wait to see the Veranda photo shoot. I am sure is going to be amazing.

    March 01, 2009
  • […] by coincidence, I was at the Orchid Dinner, sitting next to Lisa Newsom (Editor-in-Chief of Veranda Magazine) and it turned out that her son […]

    April 20, 2009
  • Johna219

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    May 08, 2014

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