Flower Tips

When installing jobs for clients, I like to put yellow flowers all over the house – I find yellow brings a little bit of sunshine into the space. Over the years I’ve gathered some tips to ensure cut flowers stay nicer for longer:

Queen Anne's Lace

  • If you have hydrangeas and they wilt, cut the bottoms and put them in scolding hot water. You’ll see them come right back to life.
  • If you have lilies, cut off the pistils to make the flowers last longer. If you get any of the staining dust on the flower, don’t rub it – get scotch tape and dab it, it’ll come right off. Never rub it!
  • If you change the water in the flowers every three days, they’ll last much longer as it is the bacteria in the water that kills it.
  • If you have roses, be sure to cut the bottom and immediately put them in luke warm water, don’t cut them and let them sit out as the stem closes up and it won’t drink any water.

Do you have any cut flower tips you’d like to share with us?

P.S. This weekend’s flowers are Queen Anne’s Lace – I went on the highway with clippers and cut bunches of it all along the road and put them in my house – getting wild flowers from the outside can save you a bundle.


  • stick a penny in the vase to help fight the bacteria.

    August 07, 2009
  • Linda in AZ

    * I smile remembering “waaay back” when I was a young bride w/ zero “play” money. I picked a HUGE BUNCH of delightful wild daisies a block from my office, & enjoyed so much seeing them on my desk… UNTIL I came back from lunch & found my desk COVERED with bugs/ants!!! I’ve stuck to florists/flower STORES ever since! (Worth every penny for the “peace of mind”! Smiles, Linda

    August 07, 2009
  • yellow flowers- who knew? I’m usually such a white or pink girl but I’m always up for something new. The flowers from the local grocery store are lasting FOREVER after I bring them home lately…wonder why?

    August 08, 2009
  • Put an aspirin in the vase. It will make the bloom last longer.

    August 08, 2009
  • With tulips I make a small incision at the top of the stem (sharp small knife and going all the way through). Many times it worked, sometimes it did not. Secret? buy from a florist that has the freshest flowers, I may spend a little more but if they last longer I am saving anyway.
    I wish I was a paparazzo and got a picture of you on the highway…scoop!

    August 08, 2009
  • Valerie Wills Interiors

    For tulips, I always put a penny into the water… their heads never fall over!

    August 08, 2009
  • scone

    I like to cut the stems underwater– that stops them closing up.

    August 09, 2009
  • Excellent tips, love them! I have become really creative as well when styling for my clients!

    August 09, 2009
  • You’re a man of many talents Vincent… I had no idea! Excellent floral tips!!!

    August 10, 2009
  • I cut Queen Anne’s lace this weekend in the country too! There was so much of it, I just had to. Thanks for the tips!

    August 10, 2009
  • My apartment is rather warm this time of year, and so I put the flowers in the fridge when I leave and get them out when I come home to enjoy them.

    August 12, 2009

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