I went to see Impressionism with Jeremy Irons on Tuesday with my friend Linda O’Keefe. Here’s the good part – great sets, Jeremy Irons is fantastic on stage, it’s only one act. Now for the bad parts…which outweighed the good, in my books. It’s a play that doesn’t make you feel anything for the characters. The substance of the play is very light. It’s a pity to have wasted such a great actor on such a mediocre play. Sorry to say.


On another note, are any of you starting vegetable gardens? I think it’s been too cold out there, but if you are let me know – maybe it will give me hope with mine. 

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  • Erwin Gonzalez

    What play did you see? I think you need to go back and see the second act. This was not One act and did you miss Joan Allen? She was amazing.

    I agree the play was not great but I think you missed something.

    April 23, 2009

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