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The strange thing about being a blogger is that I don’t know about you and where you come from or where you live, yet we communicate so often. I always love hearing back from you. 

I was in Montauk over the weekend working on my garden and it is amazing to see how things come out of the ground (and how fast they can do that!). Clipping, trimming, fertilizing, planting, pruning, digging and spraying against pesky deer – which is really quite the experience as the odor that the repellant has can repel death away (even in humans!). Being a clumsy individual I spray as much on myself as I do on the plants, but it’s all worth it when you see that the little bastards has not touched my Lilies or Hastas as they come out of the ground. 

I’m trying to plant my garden in a very undulating way (there are no straight lines) to match the topography of the rolling hills. It has a sense of tropics (achieved with lush-leaved Hastas) and I have large quantities of Hydrangeas which, again, bring a rounded shape to the garden. Except for my cutting garden, everything is white-blooming flowers – from the tiny Lily of the Valley to humungous Hydrangeas. It gives great continuity from the inside of the house, which is all white, to the garden. 

As designers, how do you bring your creativity to the outdoors? Do you find that it expresses itself in the furniture you put outside or the plantings you do? If you have a small terrace, how do you express your home outdoors? Why don’t you share it with us as many people out there may need help with getting this ready for summer?


  • Herbie Parets

    Hi Vicente – Great topic! I find that my creativity in the garden comes in both my furnishings and recently in my plantings.

    I live in miami and began doing some gardening a couple of months ago. I discovered that by wrapping the root systems of almost any plants with damp sfagnum moss and tying it together with 10 lb. fishing wire you can create a beautiful sculpture like ball. You can place these moss balls on beautiful plates with stones and use them either indoors or out. I would love to send you pictures of some of them. They look quite beautiful and look like works of art. Great for atop a console in an entrance, in a coffee table or above a cabinet…

    April 29, 2009
  • Jacquelyn Klassen

    Gardening is one of my passions…when choosing a career, landscape design was high on my list…my French heritage comes out in my home and my garden. Summer or winter my yard is an extension of my home. My favorite area is my round gravel courtyard in the centre of my back yard (which being on a corner lot is rectangular). There are very few straight lines in my garden as well, except where a property line dictates. I too have a white garden area because white illuminates so well at night. I have an oak leaf hydrangea, white calla lillies, ferns, hostas and the most beautiful weaping pine tree that is both graceful and strong. I add some white blooming annuals every year to fill in gaps. I inter-plant herbs, veggies, fruits and flowers throughout the rest of my back yard. My gardens are mostly perennial. I too am amazed every spring watching my garden come out of the ground…forgetting little things about it over the winter. I fight with squirrels and wild bunnies that chew plants and veggies emerging…my decorating is colourful and relaxed, with bistro tables covered with table clothes made in France and relaxed seating. Under the willow tree there will be table and chandelier finally this year as the tree is now large enough…my garden has 4 areas for entertaining, relaxing or playing lawn games, and you can always find shade or sun depending on your preference at any time of the day. There are intimate areas for dinner with a few friends or larger areas for long tables for the annual lobster feast…my garden reflects my love of life and all that surrounds me.

    April 29, 2009
  • As time that can be dedicated for gardening becomes less and less every year (I wonder why) I find myself going for flowering shrubs that give shape and color without the need for lots of maintainance. Every winter I decide that this coming spring/summer I will “make” the time to work more in the garden. Come spring/summer I find that work is asking more of me than the previous year. So gardening is sent to the lower parts of the priority list even though it is one of the most theraputic things I do.
    This year I have not planted any new shrubs but enjoying a lot the roses I planted last year. one of them (have no clue what its called) you can smell it from a mile away.
    I also have to say that I always enjoy your entries Vicente even if I dont comment.

    April 29, 2009
  • Thank you for all the comments and for sharing your gardening experiences.

    Qerat, don’t cheat yourself by not playing in your garden – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

    Jacquelyn – your garden sounds amazing! I hope you’re not the one mowing the lawn.

    Herbie – send a photo of your plants to info at vicentewolf dot com so I can share it on the blog.

    April 30, 2009
  • Hello:
    My first love is nature and gardening. It relaxes me away from the world of Interior Design and business. My gardens are sensuous and calming.Raised in the South of France, I crave for the scents of Rosemary,lavender and thyme and I am always in search of the ultimate antique rose, my favorite being Rose of Isphahan.
    I intermix white perennials, roses with grasses, bamboo and boxwood.I have spaces for lounging and dreaming, swimming, dining and for my dogs to run and play. unfortunately my garden is not maintenance free, and I gave up my week ends at the beach to attend to it relentless demands.

    May 03, 2009
  • lara

    Do you ever design the outdoor spaces for clients whom you are also doing interiors for? If so, it would be great to see some of your work…on your blog or even in your new book perhaps? Are you going to share the ‘fruits of your labor’ in Montauk when all is in bloom?

    May 04, 2009
  • Hi Lara – coming out in Met Home there will be a garden that I designed, as well as in House Beautiful – (I’m not quite sure which issues it will be in yet, but probably next summer as it’s a summer house).

    May 05, 2009
  • Also received this tip via email:

    Having just read your latest blog, I thought the following might be of interest to you – it also has a far more appealing smell… My father-in-law says he has a tried and true method to repulse deer and it involves Irish Spring soap. He swears by it. He suggests hanging it off a tree or on a stick about three feet apart.
    Hope it is helpful.
    Nathalie Trepanier

    May 06, 2009
  • patricia

    I, too, love shrubs and trees. My favorite shrub is the ‘Mohawk’ viburnam: early to leaf, late to lose leaves, shiny green leaves, great fragrance, berries for the birds, disease free and it turns red in the fall. Could you ask for anything more? Flowering trees and shrubs form the base of my garden and there are a few intensely planted areas for contrast.

    May 12, 2009

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