Guest Post: Mrs. Blandings

I really can’t remember when I became aware that Vicente’s work was Vincente’s work, but I have so many tear sheets in my files from the last twenty years that are his.  I am captivated by his point of view.  We met a couple of years ago at a party in New York and it was such a treat to find that he is as warm and personal as his spaces.  When I had the opportunity to visit with him recently, I asked him about a particular image in his latest book, Lifting the Curtain on Design.  

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Guest Post: Crystal From RUE Magazine

Hi Everyone! It’s Crystal here from Rue Magazine and I’m honored to be guest blogging for Vicente while he’s awhile on his travels! Vicente has long been a design idol of mine so you can imagine my excitement when he asked me to share a few of my tips for getting published in a digital publication.

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Guest Post: Holly from decor8

Hello fans and friends of Vicente Wolf! This is Holly Becker from decor8 ( guest blogging while Mr. Wolf is on holiday. I am honored to be here! I was asked write about social networking for designers since I’ve found success using tools like Facebook and Twitter, so I’m going to give it a shot in this post. But before I get started I must share a real highlight of 2010 that took place in the home of Mr. Wolf…

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Guest Post: Sean Low from The Buisness of Being Creative

Vicente and The 4 P’s

Hi everyone.  This is Sean Low from The Business of Being Creative. I am really honored to have the opportunity to guest post for Vicente while he is on his annual expedition.

I have known Vicente since 2004 and have worked with him since 2005.  My focus is on helping Vicente grow his brand, specifically in commercial projects and licensing.  I have had the good fortune to be involved in structuring Vicente’s deal to design the Lorien Hotel, 15 Union Square West, The Clubhouse at Liberty National Golf Course and his line of candlesticks and vases with Baccarat to name a few. 

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