Interiors Magazine & Vicente Wolf “Jewel Box”

December 2012 Interior Design Magazine feature with Vicente Wolf 

“Jewel Box”

Designer: Vicente Wolf

Text and Photography by Vicente Wolf

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  • Gary Nelling

    Vicente – Congratulations on your many published projects this year. With your additional two articles in Architectural Digest and Interiors in December, you have accomplished a daily-double on top of your trifecta in August, and thereby hit the cover off the ball… and then reupholstered it! I am enjoying your advanced adventurers in color!

    BTW, there was a marvelous NPR segment about a professor at Tufts University named Maryann Wolf (really!) that has done extensive studies on dyslexia and discovered a high correlation between people who have had this condition as children and who are also very creative, intuitive, adept at understanding 3D space and successful in their adult lives. Included on a list of notables are Ann Bancroft, Harry Belafonte, Richard Branson, Agatha Christie, Winston Churchill, Da Vinci, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Antonio Gaudi, Whoopie Goldberg, Robert Rauschenberg, Steven Spielberg and Woodrow Wilson.

    How about that! – Gary

    December 09, 2012

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